Fan Club Trip to Hong Kong

August 2003


The second seven names drawn were for the chance to ride on the same open top bus with Jackie. We drove across the Tsing Ma Bridge and had a group photo at the Lookout point. (Eighteen lucky names were drawn from the larger group of Japanese fans who came for the events.)

© 2003 Jane Albrecht

To the buses which conveyed a welcome to Hong Kong message



© 2003 Jeff Applebaum

Jackie in an uncustomary sea of black-shirted security guys who more often are to be seen at HK pop concerts

© 2003 Jane Albrecht

Photo of Jackie from one of our lucky draw winners who rode on the same bus with Jackie

© 2003 Joy Al-Sofi

Finally it got too hot for Jackie to keep the Captain's jacket on

© 2003 Dave Albrecht

The view from the back of the first bus which became to one to head the group of buses. Jackie was in the second bus

© 2003 Holly Hecht

From the first bus there was a good view of Jackie

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